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natural moss agate earrings

Crafting Excellence from Mines to Markets

BRKO Gems is a group comprising five individuals with distinct roles, including a miner, a lapidary artist, a product transporter to the Emirates, a website administrator, and a sales manager. Our mining team extracts raw stones from specific desert regions and transports them to our workshop. The lapidary artists carefully cut and shape the stones into various forms. After obtaining the final product, our logistics team ensures its safe transportation to the Emirates.

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Collection Stone

Exciting and Beautiful

Upon arrival, the stones are received by the sales manager, who directs them to the website administrator for content creation, photography, and other necessary tasks. The entire team is dedicated to delivering the final product to you with the utmost precision and quality. At BRKO Gems, we strive to ensure that the end product is sent to you in the best possible form and quality.

natural moss agate earrings

Collectible samples of this stone are also designed as decorative ornaments for your home. You can place these samples in different areas of your living space and benefit from their beauty and positive energy.

customer women
Jessica Brown

Certainly, a Unique and Beautiful Tool from Nature that I've Always Sought for Meditation. Thank You for This Beautiful Natural Gem.

customer women
Caleb Hoffman

Honestly, I never thought this stone would be so genuine and natural until I touched it up close. I am satisfied with my purchase.

customer man
Henry Kim

Thank you so much; they are even more beautiful up close. I will craft a ring from one of them.