Charging Agate

Caring for and Charging Agate

To optimize and preserve the power and properties of your agate stone, follow the guidelines for Charging Agate:

  1. Preventing Damage:
    • Keep your agate stone away from impacts, extreme temperature changes, and harsh cleaning agents.
  2. Charging Agate:
    • Agate draws its power from nature, and various methods can be employed to charge it.
    a. Burying in the Ground:
    • Place the stone in a hole in the ground and leave it for approximately three days. After this period, the stone is cleansed.
    b. Using Sunlight:
    • Position the stone on the ground in direct sunlight and let it absorb sunlight for about 10 minutes before retrieving it.
    c. Utilizing Moonlight:
    • Place the stone in proximity to full moonlight and retrieve it before sunrise.
    d. Flowing Water Method:
    • Submerge the stone in flowing river or seawater for a few hours to ensure complete charging.
    e. Salt Method:
    • Immerse the stone in salt for one hour to facilitate charging. This method is particularly effective for many stones, including agate.
  3. Additional Tips:
    • Avoid contact with harsh cleaning agents.
    • Transfer positive energy to the agate once a month.

By adhering to these guidelines, your agate stone will maintain its properties and transfer even more positive energy to you over time.

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